NEO Terms and Conditions (International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services Company)

Important Notice: Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using Neo Card owned by International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services, this document sets out the terms and conditions for your Neo Personal account and its related Cards & Services. It also sets out other important things that you need to know, along with the Privacy Policy page , and any other terms and conditions that apply to our services.

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You acknowledge and understand that the usage of your Neo Card should be subject to the legislation in force in the Republic of Iraq and that the authorized transactions to carry out comply with any regulations or instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Visa International company and that you acquaint of it and that you may not use your Card in any fraudulent or suspected to be a fraudulent transaction, or in violation to the legislation in force, including those related to money laundering, terrorism financing, suspicious transactions, or any way that might incur damage to the trademark of the International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services (Neo) or Visa trademark, in which the Company has the right to take the actions it deems appropriate and subject to its sole and absolute discretion to comply with the law and/or the Central Bank of Iraq Instructions and/or Visa International. You will be held legally and financially liable for any of such transactions.


Article ( 1): The following words and expressions mentioned in these terms and conditions shall have the meanings assigned to them below:

  • The company: International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services company/ Iraq – Baghdad Al-Karrada – Arasat Al-Hindia
  • Cardholder: Is the person who under his name a card was issued for his personal use, and whose address is confirmed according to the e-KYC (Know Your Customer) form
  • The card: is a prepaid card issued by the company for the cardholder
  • PIN: The card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is the password of the written signature, issued by the company and available directly inside the app. This PIN is used on ATMs, POC, and POS transactions.
  • Card Limit: The maximum limit that the cardholder can use for 1 year, this limit is determined by the company
  • Wallet Limit: the maximum limit that the user is entitled to top up to his account for 1 year, this limit is determined by the company
  • Application: The program that is running the card through a mobile phone & number in which notifications and financial movements are received

Article (2): The cardholder authorizes the company to record annual fees and cash withdrawal fees from ATMs inside and outside Iraq in addition to any commissions or fees determined by the company on spending with the card locally or internationally. You must provide us with personal information and any other information that is required to complete the registration and subscription process. This information should be accurate, correct, and non-depiction You irrevocably authorize the Company to disclose and provide the information provided by you, to affiliates, subsidiaries, and relevant parties (including but not limited to, consultants, third parties, and marketing partners).

Article (3): It is understood and agreed upon, that all transactions made by the cardholder, whether withdrawing cash or purchasing other goods or services inside or outside Iraq, must be approved or rejected by the company or any other entity on its behalf, and that all approved transactions are directly restrained from the card available balance in the company or booked until the specified amount is deducted and the remaining amount is returned provided there is a sufficient balance in the card

Article (4): Cardholder shall exempt the company from any responsibility if the Company rejects any transaction, although if there is not sufficient balance on the card if the reason for the rejection is out of the company’s ability and control, especially the technical reasons, whether it is related to an ATM issue, computers issues or communication lines issues, or If the merchant refuses to accept the card for any reason

Article (5): Prepaid card is an immediate debit card; thus, all purchases will be instantly deducted from the card balance and do not grant the holder any other credit facilities, it authorizes the cardholder to deduct the value of all his withdrawals and transactions from the available balance in the card

Article (6): In case the card is lost or stolen or damaged or suspected of fraud, the cardholder must inform the company by contacting the customer care center, and then he should report in writing that he takes full responsibility for all the transactions that were made with the card before reporting the issue to the company, and in case the card was found, the cardholder should inform the company in writing

Article (7): It is well understood and agreed upon that the card belongs to the company and the company has the right at any time and without providing the reasons, to ask the merchant not to accept it, or even stop its operational use on  ATMs and/or ask the customer to return the card and hand it over to the company

Article (8): The cardholder should keep the card information and use it only by himself according to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy issued by the company, the company does not bear any responsibility if the card is used by others and the pin disclosed, thus all the transactions authorized by the card are considered personally as correct and acceptable by the cardholder himself

Article (9): Neo Card shall be valid until the expiry of its validity date printed on it, The card is considered canceled if it expires and/or if it is damaged, and an alternative card could be requested by applying a request to the company

Article (10): New card can be issued at the request of the cardholder upon the expiry of the first card period and the company reserves the right to cancel or reject to reissue a new card without having to justify the reasons

Article (11): About POS transactions, the cardholder must present proof of identity to the merchant or service provider if requested to do so, and the cardholder must verify the amount recorded on the receipt before signing it and keeping a copy of it

Article (12): The card will be retained in the ATM if the wrong pin code was entered 3 consecutive times, in this case, the cardholder should inform the company by calling the customer care team as described in Article (21)

Article (13): The company does not hold any responsibility due to the lack of ATMs or POS services at merchants, regardless of the reasons and justifications.

Article (14): The ATM records and sales vouchers with merchants are considered as a final and binding record of the transactions carried out by the cardholder

Article (15): In case of the cardholder’s death, the relatives of the deceased must inform the company to stop the cards and then visit the company’s premises to divide the estate according to the law and instructions

Article (16): The company has the right at any time to add, modify or cancel any terms or conditions relating to the card and is considered binding to the cardholder, and any dispute that arises between the cardholder and the company regarding the interpretation or implementation of any of these conditions, is within the jurisdiction the courts of Iraq alone and not Subject to any tribal customs If you object to any of the transactions on the card, please contact the Company’s customer care center or any of the Company’s agents within the specified period under the applicable laws and regulations from the date of the transaction. The Company is responsible for handling disputed transactions in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Central Bank of Iraq and Visa International in this regard. The jurisdiction of the Iraqi courts shall be for the consideration and adjudication of disputes arising out of and in connection with these Terms and Conditions.

Article (17): If the cardholder is ordered to withdraw the card’s balance completely from the wallet and terminate the cards, the cardholder authorizes the company to deduct a commission of 4$ for every 1,000 USD (0.004) of the available balance on the wallet which is considered a withdrawal commission of the wallet

Article (18): If any transaction was made without the cardholder’s knowledge, the company should be informed immediately by contacting the customer care center and visiting the company’s closest Neo agent claiming the fraud transaction within the period of (10) days, otherwise no objection is approved and the cardholder’s right to claim the amount will be dropped

Article (19): The customer must install the NeoPay application on the mobile phone to be able to receive in-app notifications of all withdrawals and purchases, follow up on all notifications related to how to use the cards, and receive any updates that may occur

Article (20): The terms and conditions of the prepaid card issued by the company and updated continuously, should be reviewed by visiting the official website of the company (www.neo.IQ) as well as the company’s smartphones application (Neo Pay Iraq App)

Article (21): The cardholder must contact the customer care center in case of any problem with the card, using the following phone number: (07700850085/ 07805930930) and the following email: (

Article (22): The customer will be responsible for any breach caused using the card on hacked and unsecured websites, the company will not be responsible for the violations that may occur and lead to funds withdrawals from the non-card owners

Article (23): In case of a difference between the withdrawn amount according to the cardholder statement and what the company records prove, then the company’s records will be adopted and binding on the cardholder

Article (24): The cardholder delegate the company to disclose his data or that related to the card account, as the company deems appropriate or what it may deem necessary to arrange a service or to carry out any obligation that may arise for the card account

The data is updated periodically, as the customer is notified of the official documents’ expiry date, which is attached in the registration process and being updated to be valid.

Article (25): The company has the right to stop the cardholder’s account and stop the cards if the cardholder’s name is blacklisted by the Central Bank of Iraq or any other party, The company has the right to suspend or cancel the customer’s account without any prior notice.

Article (26): These terms and conditions are subject to the laws and regulations issued by the competent authorities in the Republic of Iraq, in a manner that does not conflict with the law, and every dispute arises about the use  of Neo cards issued by International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services and cannot be resolved in friendly ways, will be decided by the Iraqi courts in Baghdad

Article (27): Liability and Error Correction Procedures: You acknowledge that you are not permitted to use the Neo Card to purchase illegal goods or services in violation of public order or morals, and You agree that the Company has the right to monitor the transactions completed on the Neo Card and the right to take the necessary and appropriate actions in cases where the card is engaged in suspicious or fraudulent transactions or related to money laundering and terrorism financing. You shall be fully liable and absolute for any prohibited use or misuse of the Neo Card.

Article (28): Completely forbidden to deal with digital, encrypted, and virtual currencies according to the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq, to ensure the optimal application of the due diligence procedures referred to in the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law No. 39 of 2015 and the instructions issued thereunder.

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