1. Cards general info

Yes you can change the pin code from the app

You will receive the same card with all of its content, after reporting the problem to our contact center, you will pick up the new card from our NEO point of service. However, you cannot activate the card yourself. You must contact our contact center to verify the identity of the card holder 

Yes you can use it globally

You can contact our Customer Service available 24/7 on the number (9647835400600) to report the issue , or visit the bank’s branch to retrieve your card directly .

First step, you can deactivate the card from application also you must contact immediately our customer service center on (9647835400600) and after answering a few necessary questions (to verify the identity of the card holder) the card will be stopped at the earliest and within an hour of the notification time, after which you will fill out a new card issuance electronic form to get a new card

For travel cards: the age limit is 18 For Virtual and gift cards the age limit is 13 You can use the Virtual and gift cards until you reach the age of 18, then you can use the travel cards.

Cards are not intended for Iraqis nationals only, foreigners will also be able to obtain neo cards easily after submitting the required documents.

To join the NEO family, the following documents are needed: For Iraqi nationals: – A valid passport or a national card (live photo) + residency card For foreigners: – Passport and Iraqi visa valid for 1 year or residency permit .

You can immediately call our contact center on (9647835400600) and inform them to close the application from your phone, but do not worry, the security steps that we implemented inside the application (fingerprint, password) will guarantee your absolute security.

2. Payment info

neo is an electronic payment card ,it will be developed in the future in order to handle all the developments of a financial electronic account similar to the bank account.  This will make it similar to a multi-service electronic bank and through which the user can easily and quickly practice all his financial activities

Of course,your money is always safe with us. neo Card provides a high standard of security for  all your  financial activities, by following and implementing all the instructions and laws of the Central Bank of Iraq and Visa International.

Rest assured that all your documents are kept safely and we handle them in absolute confidentiality and no one can view them

You can cancel your account by visiting your nearest agent and filling an account cancellation form, an amount will be deducted from your wallet’s balance (3% maximum or $3) and your account will be canceled and the money will be given back in 1 week.

3. Payment information and issues

According to the Central Bank of Iraq instructions, we will keep your information for a period of not less than five years.  But don’t worry, it’s a routine procedure and your personal information will always be kept safe

When topping up your wallet at neo agents , you can pay in USD or its equivalent in IQD, NEO cards are in USD but you can pay in any currency you want. 

The Iraqi dinar exchange is according to the rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq.

You’ll need a maximum of 72 hours to join the NEO family. once the KYC from has been filled and approved , and you will be able to top up your wallet through any of our agents or at our offices.

You can check online in the application all the details of every transaction you make through one of your cards. No need to visit any agent.

4. Transactions

We will be implementing in the future, a points award program based on a coding system.

The card holder’s current home address.

Yes, you will receive a notification on your application if your card has been used.

Yes you will be able to temporarily deactivate any card using the application and reactivate it again, without visiting any agent.

You can change your password through the application.

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